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So what do you want to know about me???


I'm the Director of Operations for Organic Growth Marketing, where I lead teams that drive large scale organic growth for some pretty cool companies. In other words, we do SEO. I joined in March of 2018, where I've helped scale the team to 8 remote employees. Much different from what I was doing from 2010-2014.... 

if you know you know 

But my professional life doesn't define me.

So let me tell my favorite joke to paint a better picture.

(Click here to skip joke)

It's a knock-knock joke.

A really good one....

In my opinion, the best.


Ok, it's a little different than most knock-knock jokes.

For this one, YOU have to start it.

So go ahead.....

Seriously, start the joke.

Out loud please...

No really, this website is audio-enabled.

That means it can hear you and an AI will respond.

So on three, start the knock-knock joke.




Hmmm, good one! 

Anyways, here's a little more about me.

When I'm not working, I enjoy doing the following: 

1) Petting/cuddling my two dogs.

2) Having in depth conversations with my dogs, providing them each with their own voice. 

3) Walking my dogs. 

4) Riding my motorcycles. 

5) Wondering why I'm not out on a hike with my dogs.

6) Gardening. 

7) Cooking. 

8) Being goofy with my wife (and dogs). 

9) Changing lyrics to songs to include my dog's names and stories. 

10) Netflix'n.  

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